Care for Old and Differentially abled People

Emergency Services

The Department of Emergency Medicine sdmh is very well equipped to provide comprehensive emergency services to patients. The department has well trained consultants and doctors to handle any kind of emergencies round the clock. The dedicated resuscitation room has all the necessary equipment to stabilize patients.
The emergency room is well equipped and the doctors are trained to handle casualties, including poly trauma cases with the help of standardized protocols and procedures.
The emergency department also provides therapeutic services like blood transfusions, nebulization and antibiotic infusions on an outpatient basis.

Services available

  • 24/7 ambulance services
  • Patient retrieval
  • Minor procedures
  • Resuscitation and stabilization
  • Life support
  • Outpatient therapeutic services
  • Poly trauma
  • Accident and emergency
  • Emergencies due to any disorder